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Starting today,
can be a better future for 
you, your family and your community !


A Better Tomorrow is a 501 C-3 non-profit organization.

A Better Tomorrow is viewed as humanitarian organization, designed to better the world by providing resources and opportunities to those most vulnerable and in need. 

Looking to help, we also feature programs including crime prevention, soft skill training programs, how  create and establish your own business, community beautification workshops, substance abuse programs, suicide prevention, and conflict mediation programs as well. 




  Adult Mental Health First Aide

        " Join us for mental health first aide training  ! "        

            - Mental Health Awareness Training   -                                        

When: July 10th , 2024,      9 AM -                                                                                             4 PM 

Location: 1310 Papin St.

                       Saint Louis, Mo 63103


    Lotus Lab 001: The Free City                                 Colab 

 " A creative workshop to help see the new this we want for ourselves                                                     and our community  "

                                                         - Loutopia - 


When:  July 12h, 2024         12 PM -

                                                         4:30 PM                              Location:  401 Pine St.

                       St. Louis, Mo. 63102


  "Between Heaven and Earth"

       Exhibition Opening and                                   Reception

        " Opening reception party for Rachel English  "

                    - Square One Gallery   - 

When: July 12th, 2024              6 PM -

                                                               9 PM 

Location: Square One Gallery

                 4814 Washington Ave.

                       St. Louis, Mo. 63108


       Founders Unplugged STL
  " Bringing together the Entrepreneurship Community of STL  "

                                   - Founders Unplugged STL  -  

When: July 25th, 2024           5:30 PM 

                                            7 PM

Location:  T-Rex

                       911 Washington Avenue

                       St. Louis, Mo 63101


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